Monday, February 18, 2013

The first (real) review

Comes from the Feb. 15 issue of Library Journal, which I hope will be a good sign when it comes time for libraries to place their orders.

The excerpt, as posted to my Amazon author page:

Sportswriter and blogger Kaplan's first book is a fun and useful guide for finding arguably the best baseball books among the mounds of titles relating to this book-inspiring sport. . . . The author's well-informed and well-written comments are compelling enough to make this either a worthwhile light read or a handy reference for all readers of baseball literature.
With due respect, I am not about to subscribe to every source that posts a review. That's gonna get real expensive real quick. so when I get the full review, assuming it's substantially more than the above, I'll post that as well.

In the meantime...Whee!

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