Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A nice testimonial and another suggestion

Another suggestion comes from Dr. Donald McKim, who was kind enough to review 501 for Baseball-Almanac.com:

In an e-mail, Dr. McKim wrote:
I enjoyed this book a lot—what a wonderful guide to literature!

You were kind to include your email address for suggestions about books that might be included in a future edition. May I suggest Christopher H. Evans and William R. Herzog II, The Faith of 50 Million: Baseball, Religion, and American Culture (Westminster John Knox Press, 2002).

I was pleased to be the editor for this book when I worked at Westminster John Knox Press. I also was happy to have contributed an essay: “’Matty’ and ‘Ol’ Pete’: Divergent American Heroes” — a study of Christy Mathewson and Grover Cleveland Alexander.

This volume features a number of essays on the relations of baseball, religion, and American culture, as the sub-title indicates. And it has a number of stellar recommendations from baseball writers.

So I thought I would pass this along.

Thanks again for providing such a fine book, Ron. I’m sure it will be of wide interest to all who love the game!

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